Sankofa Residency

Looking back to envision a thriving BedStuy

The Sankofa Residency is a multi-phase project that is both rooted in the history of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, and an afro-futurist imagining of BedStuy moving forward. Taking the Ghanian concept of Sankofa-looking backwards in order to move forward-this project will use research, oral history, and collaborative imagining to facilitate a plan for residents, businesses, and stakeholders to emerge from COVID in a place of healing, thriving, and progress.  In collaboration with local business LifeWellness Center, the project will culminate in an interdisciplinary immersive dance experience that transforms the partnering business into a living gallery of the past, present and future of that business placed in the context of the journey of BedStuy. This exhibit’s goal is to share lessons, resources, make connections for mutual growth and invite those in attendance to envision and work towards a thriving community.


Upcoming Events:

Imagination Station Flyers.png

The 2022 Imagination Station will take place on Saturday, September 24 at 3-5pm at The Laundromat Project at 1476 Fulton St. The Imagination Station is an arts based workshop that is open to intergenerational residents of BedStuy. In this phase of The Sankofa Residency, we enter the dream realm where we center two important questions; What will Bedstuy look like in the future? How can we be part of creating the change we want to see?  Using a collection of research and oral history participants will be asked to imagine our beloved BedStuy as a utopia that is sustainable and thriving. Collectively, we will discover stories, past and present, dream and create an action plan to see our vision come to life. We'd love to have you share in this workshop to hear about your experience and wishes for the neighborhood.  

The Process

"Tea"  Party

We did our research and noticed some big gaps in information about BedStuy in the 80s and 90s. To fill those gaps we invited  long time residents and information holders of BedStuy to share stories about our beloved neighborhood. They shared the 'tea' as and gave advice on how the past could illuminate a bright future for BedStuy.

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Imagination Station

Where can we go from here? This arts based workshop winvited and intergenrational group of folks newer to the neighborhood to digest the insight learned through the previous phases to help us fish out the lessons and discover how we can use that information to shape the future.  Through dance, writing, and drawing we  imagined future BedStuy and what part we could play in manifesting that future. 

The Film/ Culminating Performance

 Using all the information gathered from the previous Phases, a collaborative team of professional artists transform spaces into a living gallery of the past, present and future of the journey of BedStuy. The goal of the showings and performances are to begin the process of sharing lessons, resources, make connections for mutual growth and invite those in attendance to envision and work towards a thriving community.

Stay Tuned for the 2022 Culminating event on November 12!!! Details TBD


Creative production by PMMDC.  This project was made possible through The Neighborhood Project with 651Arts in partnership with LifeWellness Center and The Laundromat Project through the Bed-Stuy Create and Connect Fund.  Kendra J. Ross was a 2020 Resident Artist of The Neighborhood Project and a 2022 BedStuy Artist in Residence with the Laundromat Project. The Sankofa Residency is also supported by GREEN / ARTS LIVE NYC which is made possible with support from New York Community Trust and Con Edison’s Arts Al Fresco Series, administered by City Parks Foundation in collaboration with the Horticultural Society of New York, New Yorkers for Culture & Arts, NYC Department of Transportation, OpenCultureWORKS, and Street Lab.